Adventures In Orbit Slot Review

888’s video slot development team, Random Logic, have put together an online slot that is bound to be a big hit for any of you that consider yourself big sci-fi fans.

How to Play Adventures In Orbit Slot

Before you are free to enter space on a glorious adventure, you will need to know what settings to adjust; below, we have highlighted the key stages.

Firstly, Adventures in Orbit players should adjust their bet size using the “Coin Value +/-” buttons to set how many coins they wish to bet per spin. 888’s production line has many games with similar traits and elements; for instance, in Valentines Victory Slot, if you are short on time, hit the “Max Bet” button to the maximum amount without manually adjusting your bet.

Once you have set your desired bet amount, you can click the “Spin” button to initiate the spinning of the reels. The Glorious 50s slot also bares a resemblance to the above slots. If you are tight for time and do not want to fuss around hitting the spin button every time you are ready to set the reels into motion, then you can also use the “Auto” button to automatically spin the reels a set amount of times that you wish them to be turned.

Adventures In Orbit Slot Features

The Adventures in Orbit slot features a usual design of three rows and five reels, offering 25 different paylines. Players can wager anywhere from 5p to $125 per spin when placing a bet, and coin denominations range from 0.05 to 5. The Adventures in Orbit slot offers a max coins jackpot of 10,000 and a cash jackpot of $100,000.

adventures in orbit slot review

Eight hundred eighty-eight never slack when it comes to their in-game visuals. 888 prides itself on eye-catching colours and stunning graphics and images like, for instance, the slot Once Upon a Dime Slot. As a result, you can expect to find several eye-catching images used for the reel symbols, including planets, asteroids, robots, spaceships, aliens, and ray guns.

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Adventures is based on planets, asteroids, and the cosmos, which ultimately gives you a great experience in terms of design and features. Looking at other slots like Cosmic Cat, which involves Astro and cosmic themes, has similar popularity to Adventures in Orbit.

Adventures In Orbit RTP Figure

As a gamer, you will always want to know your chances of winning, so you know you are not wasting your time on a video slot that rarely pays out. If you are looking for a video slot that pays out more often, you will need to look for one that offers a high RTP (Return To Player) % or falls into the category of low volatility.

The Adventure in Orbit video slot offers an RTP figure of 95.32%, which makes it a low/medium volatility video slot.

Adventures In Orbit In-game Bonuses


Two wild symbols can be found in this video slot, represented by spaceships – one with a 2x and one without. Wilds can substitute for any other characters in the game apart from scatters.


Scatters are represented by briefcase symbols and can trigger the free spins feature.

Free Spins

The Adventures in Orbit slot free spins feature can be triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols in one spin. For example, three scatters symbols will award ten free spins. Four will award 20 free spins, and five will award 30 free spins.

If you’re still wanting to play a space-themed game like Adventures in Orbit and want more free spins, take a look at Astronomical Slot, which Microgaming produces. Has is an attractive slot game.

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Cosmic Voyage Bonus Game

This feature is an Adventure in Orbits bonus game and can be activated by landing three or more alien symbols – the more symbols landed will lead to more prizes earned in the round. This game aims to help Aoki the alien fix his ship within six matches, and larger prizes will be awarded as the further players progress.

Adventures In Orbit Review Summary

Adventures in Orbit are up there in terms of space-related slot games, similar to Banana Odyssey or Astronomical, which all adopt a space/Astro, with all there features you won’t be disappointed; see below:

If you are a big fan of sci-fi, then there is no reason why you should not try out 888’s Adventure in Orbit video slot, as it combines the sci-fi theme with several lucrative bonus features and opportunities to win big cash prizes. With an RTP figure of 95.32%, you can expect returns more often than not, but that’s not all, as Adventure in Orbit also offers a huge jackpot prize of up to $100,000.