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A slot manufacturer that may remind some out older readers of their glory days which saw them enjoying slot machines in land-based casinos and pubs, is that of Barcrest. Barcrest entered the gaming world way back in 1968 and experienced their best years between the 1970s and 1990s before the internet took the gaming world by storm.

During this 20 year spell, pretty much all slot machines found land-based casinos and pubs where those created by Barcrest. The new involvement of internet within the gaming world did not do Barcrest any favours and in 1998, IGT (International Game Technology) acquired Barcrest before selling to Scientific Games in 2011.

Despite going through a phase of being passed around between other slot manufacturers, Barcrest is still moving strongly as a slot manufacturer and releasing slots that are sure to compete with what other slot giants are releasing.

Barcrest Overview

As mentioned before, Barcrest used to solely develop slots for land-based casinos and pubs with them being established before the time of online slots. However, to keep with the ever-changing times, Barcrest was acquired by IGT in 1998 and proceeded to release their first online slot a couple of years later. Barcrest were purchased for around $50 million in 2011 by Scientific Games from IGT.

Barcrest Slot Innovations

Since Barcrest has been around before the internet had such a strong foothold in the gaming world, they have had to adapt to the times for a long time to stay popular and this led to them releasing some of the most innovative slots available to this day. An example of Barcrest’s innovations includes some of the first slots to introduce bonus rounds using a board game style where players can win extra money and prizes for their efforts. One of the biggest innovations introduced by Barcrest is by far five-reel slots which replaced the older three-reel slots.

Top Online Slots from Barcrest

Barcrest has a portfolio packed full of impressive online slots and below we have taken the time to highlight a few that stand out above the rest.

One of Barcrest’s most popular and innovative online slots is by far Ooh Aah Dracula, which is a live-slot that is based on a ‘cool’ Dracula. Ooh Aah Dracula is not short of bonus rounds, with it offering players a free spins round alongside an extra bonus pick me game to win further cash prizes. Ooh Aah Dracula has its own place in history as it was one of the very first slots to introduce the ‘high-roller’ option giving players the option to play for more money.

Another slot that should be on your list of Barcrest slots to try is Merry Money, which is focused more on online play rather than bonus rounds and games. Based on the classic tale of Robin Hood, Merry Money features great graphics and a fun bonus game where players must steal without waking up the hated-sheriff.

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The final Barcrest slot we would advise trying out is their Elvis Top 20 online slot. This Barcrest slot uses a retro-look and provides some of Barcrest’s typical solid game-play. The impressive game-play is not the only thing that will catch players eyes with Elvis Top 20 featuring three bonus games that are bound to entertain you.

Barcrest Slot Conclusion

Although Barcrest may not offer online slots that can compete in the graphics department with competitors, you can always count on them offering some of the best gameplay. There is a reason to why Barcrest have been successful for over 50 years and that’s because they are simply good at what they do and have a number of titles that can go down as classics, which include Rainbow Riches, Ooh Aah Dracula, Ca$hino and Merry Money.