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B-Live Gaming was launched back in 2009 in the Netherlands and entered the US market just two years later in 2011, during their time have been adding a new level to your standard casino and bingo games. B-Live introduced face-to-face gaming into a range of bingo sites, allowing their players to take a step closer to the action adding an extra level of competition to their innovative games. B-Live pride themselves in offering their players with a range of features that are exclusive to their gaming software.

The advantages of using B-Live Gaming Software sites

As mentioned above, B-Live Gaming introduced their innovative ‘face-to-face’ feature which took the gaming industry by storm as players can actually see their competition. This new social aspect to their games has been a big selling point for players who enjoy meeting others with similar interests while competing for the same prize. This face-to-face feature is achieved via the use of webcams.

Those of you who are new to B-Live Gaming sites are most likely inexperienced with their unique features and that’s why B-Live provide friendly chat hosts which greet you as soon as you join a bingo room. Via webcam, their live chat hosts are ready to answer any queries and help you get to grips with their features.

Another exclusive feature found when using B-Live Gaming sites is their ‘Live win moments’. Players can share their live winning moments with other players encouraging a positive and competitive atmosphere. Players are motivated to share their winning moments by providers who offer small prizes.

The disadvantages of using B-Live Gaming sites

Despite their huge success across bingo sites, B-Live Gaming is almost impossible to find outside of the Bingo world. So if you don’t tend to use bingo sites, chances are you have not yet come across B-Live’s innovative features. There are talks of B-Live extending their services into the casino world adding their face-to-face feature to the likes of Roulette and Blackjack games.

Despite their success, B-Live Gaming is yet to reach the same heights as other competitors like NetEnt and Microgaming who have their hand in almost all gaming sites, casinos, and bingo sites alike.

B-Live Gaming sites and games

Bingocams – Bingocams is currently the only US-based bingo site that B-Live Gaming has its hand in powering their bingo rooms. Players can find a range of 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms across this platform, which include pattern bingo and speed bingo games.

B-Live Gaming offers an exclusive mini-game inside the Bingocam site called Bouncing Bonus. This game is available to be played alongside the usual bingo games found on Bingocams and is very fast-paced, simple game.

Our final words on B-Live Gaming

B-Live Gaming made a huge impact when they entered the US market back in 2011, with their innovative and fun features. However, several years later and they have failed to maintain their success with them being involved in very few bingo and casino sites. If you are the type of player that enjoys meeting new people with similar interests, whilst competing for prizes then B-Live Gaming sites may be perfect for you thanks to their face-to-face feature.

Overall, B-Live Gaming has not reached its full potential quite yet with them holding the potential to become a huge success once again and currently does not offer enough to stay competitive.

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