bet365 Basketball Betting

Published: January 12, 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: January 22, 2020
basketball betting

Basketball coverage is vast on Bet365, allowing fans of the sport to place bets on games all across the world. The NBA is the most well-known basketball league in the world and there are a huge amount of markets available within the league, but their basketball coverage is not exclusive to America’s top organisation. Bet365 customers can bet on basketball games from across the world, whether it be in Jordan, Slovenia or Croatia.

basketball betting

If you are a basketball fan and want the opportunity to bet on the sport, Bet365 has a great opening account offer so you can get a great welcome bonus and begin placing wagers straight away!

What Basketball bets can you place?

There are a number of different basketball bets that are available for customers to place when you gamble with Bet365. Below we have listed some of the most popular basketball bets that are on Bet365, along with what each one of them means and what you have to do to be successful with the bet.

Game Lines

There are three different possible bets when it comes to game lines, which is the main market on the basketball betting section of the Bet365 site. The three different bets within games lines are as follows:

  • Spread – a points spread refers to the amount of points that a team must win by, or stay within, for your bet to be a winner.
  • Total Points – players have the chance to bet on the number of overall points there will be within a game when they bet with Bet365, either betting on the over/under on the line set by the bookmaker.
  • Money Line – the money line lets players bet on the outright result of the game they are betting on, regardless of the number of points that are scored and the number of points they must win by.

Race to 20 Points

The race to 20 points market is what it says on the tin. Your bet wins when you back this market if you correctly predict which team is the first to score 20 points within the match you are betting on.

Player Points

Bet365 customers can also bet on the number of points they believe a particular player will score within a match. The bookmaker will set the line for a number of individual players within each match, giving them the choice to back over/under the spread.

Winning Margin

To get even bigger odds when betting on individual basketball matches, players can bet on the winning margin that a team may win a match by. This is the perfect market for those who are looking for significant odds, with there being a range of different winning margin markets within the Bet365 website.

Double Result

There is the option to bet on both the result at half-time and full-time when you bet on basketball with Bet365. Players’ bets will be successful if they are able to predict whether there is a home win, away win or draw at half-time and a home win or away win at the end of the game.

Bet365 In-Play Basketball

When you are a customer with Bet365, you are also able to bet on games as they are taking place. The Bet365 in-play basketball markets provide plenty of value for customers, giving an extra edge from pre-game betting as they are able to see how the game has begun to unfold prior to placing their bets. The in-play markets are all extremely similar to that of which are available on the pre-game markets.

Odds for all of these markets are updated throughout the course of the event you are betting on, allowing you to get fair odds for what you are betting on the basis of what’s already taken place. In-play betting is the most dynamic way of betting and a fantastic introduction to basketball betting, with the sport being one of the most unpredictable sports to bet on due to the number of possessions both teams have within the game and the number of points that are scored.

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