Bet365 Cricket Betting

Published: January 12, 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: January 12, 2020
cricket betting

Bet365 is one of the most recognised gambling companies in the world thanks to their fantastic range of markets and competitive odds to rival anything their competitors have to offer. One of the most popular betting markets for sports customers is cricket, which is one of the most popular sports in the United States as a whole.

cricket betting

Bet365 offers comprehensive coverage of cricket from across the world throughout the year, providing the chance to bet on a multitude of different teams and leagues.

What Cricket bets can you place with Bet365?

Bet365 will more than satisfy their cricket fan customers with their range of markets to bet on within the sport. Below, we have identified what some of the most popular cricket bets on the Bet365 site are and what they exactly mean.

Outright Winner

The outright winner market refers to who you believe will win the event that you are betting on. With Bet365, this can be attributed to either an individual match, the outright winner of an international series of tests, or the winner of a competition featuring multiple teams competing within it.

Match Handicap

The match handicap market applies to the individual game you are betting on and dictates the amount of runs/wickets that a team must win by, or stay within, for your bet to be a winner.

Top Team Batsman

Prior to the game, you are betting on the beginning, you are able to choose which player from either team will be the leading run-scorer for their team in that game, with odds reflected on a player’s form and reputation.

Top Team Bowler

Just like the above, you are also able to bet on which player will be the team’s top bowler within the upcoming match. Your bet will be successful here if you are able to correctly predict which bowler will take the most wickets for their team in the match.

First Wicket Method

When betting pre-game, you will be able to back the method of the first wicket of the game, either coming via caught, bowled, LBW, run out, stumped or other. Once the market becomes live, you can then bet in-play on this market for each wicket of the match.

Total Runs in Match

Bet365 will set the line for this market, with punters being asked to select whether they believe the number of runs in the match will be over or under Bet365’s estimate.

Series Correct Score

When you are betting on the outright result of a test series, you have the option to increase your odds by having a punt on what you believe the correct score of it will be. Test series are usually played out over 3-5 matches, giving you plenty of choice within the correct score market that includes both the possibility of a win either way or a draw.

Total Match Sixes

This is a particularly popular market when it comes to 20 over matches where teams will generally loosen the shackles and play aggressively when batting. Bet365 will again set the line for the number of sixes they believe will be in the match and players must decide whether it will be over or under that number by its conclusion.

Bet365 Ashes

The Ashes are played out every once every two years between England and Australia and is one of the biggest events in the cricket calendar every time it comes around. The Ashes is a test series played out over five matches, with the host venue alternating between each series. Given the difference in seasons between the two hemispheres, the gap between each Ashes series can be anything from 18 to 30 months and each time it comes around it remains one of the most viewed cricket events of that particular year.

Given its importance and focus surrounding it, there is huge coverage of the Ashes on Bet365. The bookmaker will always have a plethora of markets to bet on when it comes to the contest, both for each individual match and for outright bets over the course of the series. It is one of the most bet on cricket events of the year, particularly in the United States when it is hosted by England and games take place during the day.

The Ashes isn’t the only major event covered by Bet365 when it comes to cricket, with international tournaments such as the World Cup and the T20 World Cup also being prominent on the site alongside all international test series. Domestic leagues such as the Big Bash League and Indian Premier League are also hugely popular with cricket punters to bet on, while English County Cricket also has its own share of coverage throughout the season.

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