Bet365 Love Island Betting

Published: January 23, 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: April 12, 2023

No form of competition is safe from the clutches of Bet365, with their excellent range of markets now extending to the point where television shows are now available to bet on. One of these shows is Love Island and the bet365 Love Island betting area of their website has you covered.

Love Island has become one of the most popular shows in the United States over recent years. Bet365 is the place to put on your Love Island bets as you are guaranteed quality odds and markets.

What is Love Island?

Love Island is a British reality TV show that features a number of male and female contestants, all of whom are competing to win a piece of – or all of – the $50,000 prize money. The initial contestants are thrown into a villa and must pair up as a male-female couple, though they do not have to remain in the couples that they are first put together within.

Islanders and couples are then dumped by the public vote after around a week of the show being on, with new islanders then coming in to replace the ones that have departed. This continues all the way up until the final, where the public will then decide which couple they want to win the show.

Once the winners have been announced, the couple must then each decide individually if they want to split the $50,000 cash or to steal it. If they both choose split, each takes a share of $25,000 home with them. If one decides to steal when the other splits, they will walk away with the full $50,000 prize fund. However, if they both elect to steal the money they will each come away with nothing.

Bet365 Love Island Betting Markets

As bizarre as it may seem to some, there are plenty of different markets that you can bet on when it comes to Love Island. Bet365 customers can even begin betting on the show prior to it beginning, with some markets opening shortly after the first contestants enter the villa.

Below, we have picked out some of the most popular Bet365 Love Island bets for customers who watch the show and place wagers on it:

Winning Couple

Bet365 customers are able to back who they believe will win Love Island throughout the duration of the show. This is something of a risky market to back too early in the series though, as history tells us that early couples often don’t survive all the way until the end of the show.

Top Man

The market for this selection is released before the show even begins, with Bet365 customers being able to pick who they believe will be the highest-finishing man almost immediately after the contestants are announced. For this bet to be a winner, you must correctly identify which man will be part of the winning couple on Love Island.

Top Woman

As you may have already guessed, this market requires you to select which woman will be part of the winning couple in the series of Love Island that you are betting on. The identity of the man they are with does not affect this market and the Top Man and Top Woman markets should be bet on if there is a particular individual, rather than a couple, that you have taken a liking to.

Next To Leave

Love Island fans can also bet on who they believe will be the next to leave the villa at the time of the next public vote off. This can be done in two different ways, with the option of either backing the next couple to be kicked off the show or the chance to bet on individuals being next off.

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