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American Football remains the most popular sport across the Atlantic and that is certainly reflected in the betting markets, with a huge number of bets being placed on the NFL each Sunday of the season.

This rise in popularity has seen it become one of the more prominent sports in the United States, leading to plenty of coverage of the sport throughout the season in this country. bet365 NFL Betting is on the rise given the rise in popularity with the sport.

When you are a Bet365 customer you will get access to a whole host of NFL betting markets and will be able to bet on a variety of different future outcomes.

Bet365 American Football

The NFL is the top American Football league in the world, featuring all of the world’s best players, teams and coaches on the professional level. The NFL season is played out over the course of six months each year, starting in September and finishing with the Super Bowl in February. There are 32 teams that compete each season in the NFL, all of which are split up into eight divisions of four teams.

nfl betting

The season kicks off with the regular season, where each team plays a total of 16 games over the course of 17 weeks – each team having one bye week – to try and qualify for the playoffs. 12 teams will eventually make the NFL Playoffs, with the eight winners of each division being joined by four wildcard teams. When the Playoffs begin, it’s a win-or-go-home format over the course of one match, with this continuing all the way up until the Super Bowl. The winner of the Super Bowl will then be crowned NFL champions for the season.

Bet365 Super Bowl

When it comes to American Football and the NFL, no one single match draws quite the same level of attention as the Super Bowl. Fans sit down in their millions to enjoy the spectacle each and every year, with 98.2 million fans watching the 2019 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. This is only naturally going to bring even more attention to the betting lines and you can be sure of getting competitive odds when you bet on the Super Bowl with Bet365. No single NFL game draws more wagers on it than the Super Bowl and Bet365 provide comprehensive coverage on the betting markets, allowing you to place bets on a number of different potential outcomes. It is also frequent to see Bet365 offer their customers special offers when the Super Bowl comes around, giving you more value on specific bets at the time of the biggest game in the sport.

Top Bet365 NFL Bets

As previously mentioned, Bet365’s betting coverage of the NFL is vast and you will not be left disappointed at the options provided. There is a vast array of different bets you can place throughout the NFL season, with each and every game being available for Bet365 customers to bet on both pre-game and in-play. Below, we have highlighted some of the most popular NFL bets for Bet365 customers.

Game Lines

There are three different possible bets when it comes to game lines, which is the main market on the basketball betting section of the Bet365 site. The three different bets within games lines are as follows:

  • Spread – a points spread refers to the amount of points that a team must win by, or stay within, for your bet to be a winner.
  • Total Points – players have the chance to bet on the number of overall points there will be within a game when they bet with Bet365, either betting on the over/under on the line set by the bookmaker.
  • Money Line – the money line lets players bet on the outright result of the game they are betting on, regardless of the number of points that are scored and the number of points they must win by.

To Win Outright

Players have the chance to bet on who they believe will be NFL champions throughout the season, with the betting market opening at the conclusion of the previous year’s Super Bowl. Here, you have the choice of the entire field and odds will be altered to reflect the performance of each team throughout the season.


Every year the NFL hands out the MVP trophy to the league’s ‘Most Valuable Player’. Bet365 allow you to place wagers on who you believe will be the MVP of the season from a vast selection of the favourites to win it.

To Win Conference

The NFL is split into two conferences – the AFC and the NFC, with the winner of each representing their conference in the Super Bowl. When you bet with Bet365, you are able to bet on which team you believe will win their respective conference and make it to the Super Bowl.

Winning Conference

If you like the look of one conference as a whole better than the other then you are able to bet on them winning the Super Bowl. This market is available for Bet365 customers prior to the Super Bowl taking place when we do not know who the representatives will be from the AFC and NFC.

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