Bet365 Virtual Sports Betting

virtual horse racing

There isn’t a time of day where you aren’t able to place wagers on something on Bet365 and their virtual sports betting has been a welcome addition to the site.

Many will be unfamiliar with virtual sports, but they are great fun to bet on and Bet365 has an unrivalled selection to bet on when it comes to their competitors. If virtual sports are something you enjoy, we would highly recommend using Bet365 virtual sports as your go-to place when it comes to betting on it.

virtual horse racing

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are an increasingly popular way of punters betting on Bet365 and are another way in which they have gone above and beyond to offer their customers different options to gamble online with. These see punters place bets on computer-generated matches on a range of different sports, with the result of each game being decided by a non-biased, completely random computer algorithm. Virtual sports are never-ending on Bet365 and can be played every few minutes of every day. The graphics of virtual sports are improving at an impressive rate and give the feel of betting on a live match. It is comparable to placing a bet on a game of Football Manager, which is one of the most popular gaming series for football fans across the world.

What Virtual Sports can I place bets on with Bet365?

As previously mentioned, Bet365 offer their customers an unrivalled selection of different virtual sports to bet on, allowing you the range to pick from what sport you enjoy most. There are no fewer than 11 different sports when it comes to virtuals betting on Bet365 and there are a variety of different markets that come with these sports as well. The 11 different virtual sports on offer are:

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Motor Racing
  • Speedway
  • American Football
  • Trotting
  • Cycling
  • Darts

You will be hard-pressed to find another bookmaker out there that offers such a variety of sports when it comes to virtual sports and if this form of betting sounds like a piece of you, Bet365 is the only place to go for it.

virtual football

Bet365 Virtual Soccer

Bet365 really take their virtual soccer seriously, providing markets for matches for players to bet on as if it was a real game itself. Virtual soccer matches take place every three minutes on Bet365 and players even have the option to bet on three different competitions when they use Bet365 for virtual betting. There is the Premiership, Super League and World Cup for punters to choose from, with all results being randomly selected and generated by an algorithm. It was impressive to see the number of markets available to punters looking to bet on a virtual soccer match, with it looking very similar to that of a real life game. Some of the available bets included the following:

Match Result

As you would expect to see, the match result market is the main one when it comes to Bet365 virtual soccer, where you must predict the final result of the match you are betting on be it a home win, away win or draw.

Correct Score

Just like a real life game you also have the option to bet on the final score of the match you are set to watch. Options range from 0-0 all the way up to 4-0, with four goals being the maximum number that can be scored in any virtual soccer game.

Handicap Result

The handicap market is also an option for Bet365 virtual soccer customers. This refers to the number of goals that a team must win by, or stay within, for your bet to be a winner, with the option to back your team on either the + or – handicap.

Both Teams To Score

This is a huge favourite both in real life soccer and in virtual soccer. For your bet to be a winner, you must correctly predict whether both teams will score a goal in the match or not.

Number of Goals

This is a very simple market to understand, with players having to correctly predict the exact number of goals that will be in the virtual match you are betting on, irrespective of who scores them. There are just five options with this market, with the choice of there being 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 goals scored in the match.

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