Casino Loyalty Programmes

With every passing year, online casino sites are looking to provide their customers with various new ways of improving their experience with them and this spans further than offering just a variety of new games.

Online casino sites need to provide their customers with a selection of rewards and one of the best ways to do this is via a loyalty program. Loyalty programs allow customers to earn rewards by playing games and act as a huge incentive when trying to attract new customers.

What are Casino Loyalty Programmes?

You are likely to find loyalty programmes varying between each different online casino that you visit, however, as a general rule loyalty programs are a system of rewards that can be earned by customers by playing games found in their selected casino. More often than not, loyalty programs are made up of different ‘levels’ or ‘ranks’ and higher statuses are achieved by earning points which are earned by wagering money.

Points earned within casino loyalty programs are known as a casino-currency equivalent and determine what level a customer ranks in their selected casino’s loyalty program. Customers will receive different rewards depending on their level within the loyalty program, with higher-ranked customers receiving more lucrative rewards.

In some instances, online casinos will allow customers to use their earned points to exchange for rewards when they have managed to accumulate a certain amount. Rewards can include free spins, bonus cash, gadgets and even tickets to various events.

Why should you join Loyalty Programmes?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should join casino loyalty programmes, there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t, as they are almost always in place for your benefit. No matter whether you consider yourself an avid online gamer that spends Monday to Friday gaming, or a more casual gamer that enjoys playing every once in a while, casino loyalty programmes are sure to improve your experience.

Good loyalty programmes are usually packed full of various bonuses and rewards, so if you find one that seems to be offering very few rewards it may be best to look elsewhere.

As previously mentioned, loyalty programmes are almost always packed full of various rewards and one of the most popular rewards available are free spins which is great news for all games that like to play video slots. With that being said, if you are the type of gamer that is looking for other bonuses you need not worry, as you are also catered for.

How to make the most of casino Loyalty Programmes?

Online casinos usually provide their customers with a loyalty program but it is often down left down to the customer to make the most of the provided loyalty program. When customers have accumulated enough points to receive a reward from the casino loyalty program, the reward us often sent to their casino account which can easily be missed, so you would be wise to check your account regularly.

Casino loyalty programmes offer more than just one reward and even if you would not usually use the credited bonus, you are better off using the free bonus whatever it may be.

What makes a good casino Loyalty Program?

As a general rule of thumb, casino loyalty programmes are usually all for your benefit, however, you can come across plenty of casino loyalty programmes that will not benefit you at all or not as much some other available programmes. A good loyalty program will offer its customers more than just a variety of bonus and rewards. So with that being said, you should always keep an eye out for the listed features below when searching for a beneficial casino loyalty program.

  • Faster Cash Withdrawals – online casinos often reward their loyal customers with the benefit of having faster withdrawal times, so they do not have to sit around and wait around for their winnings.
  • Cashback Rewards – alongside the other available bonuses, casino customers can receive cashback on their losses suffered.
  • Personal Account Manager – one of the most revered benefits that you should expect to find offered to you when looking for a good loyalty program.

Examples of various Loyalty Programmes

It is important to mention that not all loyalty programmes are the same, however, the majority of them follow the same structure and layout. Casino loyalty programmes often are made up of various levels which customers can work their way through and you can usually find anywhere between five and ten levels. On occasions, you will find unique names for each of the loyalty programmes provided levels, however, more often than not they are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and so on.

Customers are enticed into ascending through the loyalty program levels by being offered with more lucrative rewards and bonuses with each level achieved. Reaching new levels is achieved by earning loyalty points by playing the casino’s games. Typically, most casinos will award customers with one loyalty point for every 10 $/$ they wager, however, this is not always the case and is worth checking before signing up to a new casino site.

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