Deal or No Deal Blackjack Review – RTP, Features & Bonuses

Deal or No Deal Blackjack

Deal or No Deal is a game that we should all be aware of, with it and Noel Edmonds blessing our TV screens for the last 20 years. Like any well-known TV show or game, the online gaming industry has taken the concept and made it into their very own game. Red Tiger Gaming is the game developers behind Deal or No Deal Blackjack. It is not hard to find unique and unusual Blackjack variants on the internet with there being so many available across online casinos, however, none will quite compare to this Deal or No Deal variant.

There is plenty more to find out about Red Tiger Gaming’s, Deal or No Deal Blackjack game and you can find out all the details below.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Blackjack

Although Red Tiger Gaming has used Deal or No Deal to add a fun and unique twist to Blackjack, the basic game rules remain the same as a traditional Blackjack game. However, for those of you who do not know how to play Blackjack, we will go over the basic rules below.

Blackjack is a card game that pitches players in a head-to-head game against the dealer. Each player and dealer set of cards are dealt from a standard pack of 52 cards. At the start of each hand, players make a bet, and then two cards are dealt with them, face up. The dealer will also receive two cards, but in this instance, only one will be face up while the other is face down (the ‘hole’ card). The object of Blackjack is for players to make a better hand than the dealer and this is determined by who can get closer to the value of 21.

Player’s hands are valued based on their card values, with each one being worth it’s very own number of points. Knowing the value of each card is very easy, as each card is worth its numerical value. For example, five is worth five points. Aces are able to switch between two values, either eleven points or a single point, while all picture cards are ten points.

Deal or No Deal Blackjack Features

When it comes to your turn in Blackjack, you have a couple of actions to choose from and these include the following:

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Hit – If a player hits, they will receive another card from the deck.

Stand – Players who choose to stand will receive no extra card and will finalise their hand.

Double Down – This action is only available to players on the first two cards and allows players to double their initial bet. For this action, players will receive one extra card.

Split – If the player receives two cards of the same value, they may choose to split them and play each of them as a separate hand.

These features/actions above are relative to all traditional games of Blackjack. In Red Tiger Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Blackjack game, players only have the ability to double down on total values of 9, 10 or 11.

Players lucky enough to land a Blackjack hand (21) will receive a 3:2 payout.

The main feature added by this Deal or No Deal variant is the addition of the banker. The banker will make an offer to each player at the end of every hand. If you have any understanding of the television show, then you will be aware of the banker’s offer and how integral it is to the show. In Deal or No Deal Blackjack, the banker offers deals to the players as a chance to bail them out of their hand before they begin.

Following this, the banker will make a cash offer on every hand the player plays and the offer is determined on players’ overall chances of winning the hand. However, players should always refrain from taking the bankers offer, as he will always be giving you less than what you can possibly earn. But if you happen to find yourself in a hand that you believe is a loss, then, by all means, take the bankers offer.

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RTP Figure

As a gamer, you will always want to know what your chances of winning are so you know you are not wasting your time on a video slot that very rarely pays out. If you are looking for a video slot that pays out more often, then you will need to look for one that offers a high RTP (Return To Player) % or falls into the category of low volatility.

The Beauty & the Beast video slot offers an RTP figure of 99.33%.

Play Deal or No Deal Blackjack for Free

Like with any online game available to you, you should take the time to learn the game and the best way for you to do this is by playing the game itself. However, no one wants to risk losing money on a game they haven’t played before, so how is this possible. Well, most casinos that offer this Red Tiger Gaming game offer players the chance to try it for free.

Thanks to this demo version, players can get a better understanding of Deal or No Deal Blackjack helping them make the most of their wagered money if they choose to play it for real.


There are hundreds of Blackjack variants out there waiting to be tried, but Red Tiger Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Blackjack variant is one that we highly recommend trying. One of the best features of Deal or no Deal Blackjack is that the extra features are not mandatory and are completely available to be used at the player’s discretion. However, if you do choose to play this Red Tiger Gaming Blackjack variant with the extra features; then the banker’s offers can save you some money.

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The only problem with the extra features found on Deal or No Deal Blackjack is that they will significantly slow down each hand. So, if you plan on never making the most of these features, there may be better online Blackjack variants to try out. But if you are keen to have a ‘backup’ banker offer on tricky hands that will help minimise losses, then Red Tiger Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Blackjack game is perfect for you.