Gems Gone Wild Power Reels Slot Review – RTP, Features & Bonuses

Gems gone wild power reels

Gems Gone Wild Power Reels is a Red Tiger slot that was released in June 2020 and can be played with a number of different casinos. Below, we will be taking a closer look at the slot game in this Gems Gone Wild Power Reels slot review and see what the game has to offer players. This will include its RTP, features and bonuses that are included within the slot game.

How to play Gems Gone Wild Power Reels

Before playing Gems Gone Wild Power Reels, you must first select your stake amount. This can be done by clicking the stake icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, at which point a list of different cash amounts will be presented in an index. Select the one you feel most comfortable playing with, with options ranging from 20p to $20. Autoplay is also available in this slot game by the auto-icon. You can set the slot up to automatically complete anything from between 10 and 100 spins at a set stake.

Gems gone wild power reels gameplay

Gems Gone Wild Power Reels Slot Features

  • Gems Gone Wild Power Reels features a unique 8×6 layout that you won’t see on too many other slot games.
  • This slot game comes with a minimum stake of 20p per spin and a maximum stake of $20 per spin, with the latter being a significantly lower maximum stake than what you could find on some other slot games.
  • Gems Gone Wild Power Reels players have a maximum win of 3000x your stake, leaving you with a maximum win of $60,000.

Gems Gone Wild Power Reels RTP

Return to the player or often shortened to RTP is the percentage winning return from the selected slot. The higher the RTP, the more likely the slot will return money to the player, reducing the chance to lose, while the lower the RTP, the more chance you have to lose. However, this often comes with much larger maximum wins and bonuses than the higher RTP slots available.

Looking at Red Tiger’s Gaming Games like Arcade Bomb Slot, you’ll see RTPs of around 95%.

The Gems Gone Wild Power Reels slot has an RTP rating of 95.68%. Another game with a similar RTP is Mega Jade Slot.

Gems Gone Wild Power Reels Bonuses

Bonus games and features are what many players will ultimately see as the decisive factor in whether or not they want to play a particular slot game. If you are one of those slot players, Gems Gone Wild Power Reels probably isn’t the game for you, as there is a minimal number of bonus features within this slot, all of which are based solidly around Wilds. There are no free spins features included within this game either.

The first bonus feature is the Locked Wilds feature, triggered when a random number of Wilds appear on the reels and lock into place for the next spin. If any new Wilds come out on the next spin, the old ones will remain locked and connect for new wins again. If no new Wilds exist, the old ones will disappear, and you’ll return to the classic game.

The second feature, Super Wilds, is again triggered at random during the base game, and these will appear in stacks. These Super Wilds can show up as 2×2 or 3×3 sized symbols and are the most lucrative and rewarding bonus you can get on the game. Other fantastic slot games from Red Tiger include Cirque De La Fortune Slot.

Gems Gone Wild Power Reels Summary

While there is fun on Gems Gone Wild Power Reels, the lack of bonus features that are missing from this game makes it a game that may force some to look elsewhere. However, if you’re comfortable playing with a lower stake and enjoy the Wilds features of slot games, then this could still be a game that provides entertainment at the very least.