Lightning Roulette Review – RTP, Features & Bonuses

Lightning Roulette

Game developing powerhouses, Evolution Gaming has added a unique rendition of your typical roulette game to their portfolio with the vastly popular Lightning Roulette. Lightning Roulette follows the same basic rules of any standard roulette game, where players try and predict what number, colour or any available section the ball will land. However, the one feature that makes Lightning Roulette stand out from the crowd is by far the multipliers that range up to 500x! All the standard features are available on Lightning Roulette, as well as a bunch of special features.

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How to Play Lightning Roulette

Before you are free to have a blast on Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette, you will need to know what game functions can be adjusted before each turn which we have highlighted for you below.

Lightning Roulette Gameplay

Firstly, Lightning Roulette players should look to adjust their bet size by using the “Coin Value +/-” buttons to set how many coins they wish to bet per spin. If you happen to be short on time then simply hit the “Max Bet” button to your bet to the maximum amount without having to manually adjust.

Once you have set your desired bet amount you are ready to click the “Spin” button to initiate the spinning of the reels. If you are tight for time and do not want to fuss around hitting the spin button every time you are ready to set the reels into motion, then you can also use the “Auto” button to automatically spin the reels a set amount of times that you wish them to be spun.

Lightning Roulette Game Features

Lightning Roulette can be played from $2 per turn and offers multipliers that range from anywhere between 50x to 500x. Below are the various different payout ratios available when playing Lightning Roulette:

  • Straight Up bet: Pays between 29:1 and 499:1
  • Split bet: Pays 17:1
  • Street bet: Pays 11:1
  • Corner bet: Pays 8:1
  • Line bet: Pays 5:1

Lightning Roulette RTP Figure

As a gamer, you will always want to know what your chances of winning are so you know you are not wasting your time on a video slot that very rarely pays out. If you are looking for a video slot that pays out more often, then you will need to look for one that offers a high RTP (Return To Player) % or falls into the category of low volatility.

The Lightning Roulette video slot offers an RTP figure of 97.3%.

Lightning Roulette In-game Bonuses

Lighting Roulette does not offer any bonuses as such, as it follows the same basic rules of European Roulette. However, players can make the most of the huge multipliers available which are available every spin.

Lightning Roulette offers multipliers that span right up to 500x which could lead to some huge winnings for participating players.


If you are a fan of typical European Roulette, then you have no reason to try out Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. Lightning Roulette adds an extra sense of fun to your usual roulette game, with it offering massive multipliers worth up to 500x players stakes. Since Lightning Roulette is powered by Evolution Gaming, you will need to head to one of their online casinos to enjoy this game.

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette is vastly popular among some experienced slot players, however, Red Tiger Gaming’s Live Dream Catcher, and some other poker games come out further.