Paddy Power Boxing

Paddy Power Boxing

If you are a boxing fan then Paddy Power is an excellent choice of bookmaker to go with before placing your next boxing bet. There is a great selection of boxing bets available at Paddy Power in the dedicated Paddy Power Boxing section of their website.

Not only that you will also find boxing tips from leading boxing experts in Paddy Power Boxing News, if you are looking for some impartial advice or are a little undecided on which way to go with your boxing bet.

Why Use Paddy Power For Boxing Bets?

Boxing is a great sport to watch and can be even more thrilling if you put a well-thought-out and well-researched bet on the outcome of a big fight.

You would have made a good profit if you thought Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury were too well matched to be a clear favourite in their clash at the end of 2018 and put money on a draw. Backing Anthony Joshua against an unfavourable opponent would yield fewer returns, but if you find a good deal and a position at a respectable stake, it could still be a lucrative, safe bet.

What can make boxing bets more lucrative with Paddy Power is the Boxing Specials that Paddy Power regularly put on and if there isn’t a boxing special promotion being run for an event, then you can sign up and take advantage of the Paddy Power Welcome Offer if you don’t have an account with them right now.

Paddy Power Boxing

Types Of Boxing Bets At Paddy Power

There are several different types of bets that you can place on boxing and Paddy Power Boxing has a great selection of markets available to you..

Outright Winner

Simply bet on a chosen fighter with Paddy Power to win a particular contest. This is equivalent to a full-time bet on a team to win a football match or a picking a horse to win a particular race. If the fighter were a 7/1 unfancied contender for the win and you backed him with a $10 stake at Paddy Power, his unlikely triumph would win you $70, and you’d get back your stake.

Will The Fight Go The Distance?

This means placing a bet on the fight to complete its course and last until the end of the final round. You can bet on this as a “yes” or “no” choice and predicting it is a pretty tough case. You will need to learn a decent amount about each fighter’s form and technique to determine correctly that a fight is going to go the distance. Paddy Power does offer great odds for this type of boxing bet and it’s listed in the default view in the Paddy Power Boxing section as it’s quite a popular bet with punters.

Method Of Victory Boxing Bet At Paddy Power

If you are sure that a fighter will come out on top in a particular boxing match or in your opinion a boxing match will end in a draw, adding Method Of Victory to your selection brings an extra dimension to the bet and will also offer increased odds. With Paddy Power Boxing your choice is Points / Decision, a KO / Technical KO or a Draw.

This is listed under popular bets area in the Paddy Power Boxing section of their website.

Boxing Round Betting At Paddy Power

Do you have a clear view of how the fight will eventually end? If the odds for the win alone look a little low, you can also guess which round of your fighter will ensure the victory and put a wager on it. For this type of bet, Paddy Power typically offer great odds.

Grouped Round Betting With Paddy Power

A similar concept to boxing round betting but with slightly lower odds you can decide if a win will come in a group of rounds. You can typically place a boxing bet on the fighter to win in the first three rounds, 4-6 rounds, 7-9 rounds or 10-12 rounds with this type of bet.

Over / Under Rounds Boxing Betting With Paddy Power

This type of bet helps you to decide if a boxing match begins before or after a certain number of rounds. So if you think the fight will go over 7.5 rounds and put some money on it, given that after one minute and thirty seconds of the eighth round, both fighters are still in the game, the bet pays off.

Paddy Power Boxing doesn’t offer this type of bet.

General Rules Of Boxing To Consider When Betting

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to boxing and the main rules that apply to the results you are betting on.

These are the main rules for a professional boxing match:

  • 9-12 rounds, 3 minutes per round.
  • The referee is in charge of the match and is there to make sure that the conduct of the boxers is within the rules and also the referee is there for the safety of the fighters. The referee looks for any fouls, is responsible for counting fighters out or stepping in to call a halt when one of the fighters has had too much. Severe bleeding, an inability to protect themselves or being knocked down three times in a round usually leads to a halt.
  • The boxer or his / her corner may also stop the boxing match by signalling the referee between rounds or throwing the towel in during the round. This is a retirement in the corner and counts as a knockout move.
  • Three judges score the ringside fight, keeping a score. When they are scoring the performance of the boxer, the judges consider punches thrown, defence, knockdowns, fighters holding on or otherwise breaking rules and additional factors.
  • The fight can be won or lost by knockout, disqualification, technical knockout (TKO or stop) or if the fight has gone the full 9 or 12 rounds, if the final round is reached without a winner, the judges will decide the result.
  • The result could be a win for one fighter by unanimous decision where all three judges scored the same fighter as the winner. Or a majority decision might be a win: two judges score the same fighter as the winner and the other rank the fight as a draw. A split decision win goes to a fighter selected by two judges as the winner, while the other judge selected the opponent as the winner.
  • Boxing draws are quite uncommon, but they occur when all three judges decide on a draw, or in the case of a split draw where two judges pick different winners and the third judge rates the fight as a draw (this was the case for Fury vs Wilder in December 2018). There are also majority draws in which, irrespective of the third judge’s decision, two of the three judges decide that the fight is tied.

The winner keeps his or her title(s) when draws happen in title fights, but the loser typically has a strong case for an immediate rematch.

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