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Gaelic football remains one of Ireland’s most prominent sports, with there being a huge following for the sport within the country. Despite the huge crowds the sport draws and the interest it generates, Ireland’s gaelic football players do not take home a salary for their efforts, with the GAA forbidding players being paid. Still, that doesn’t stop money being placed on the sport and there are plenty that do so every weekend, with Paddy Power GAA betting being one of the prime sports to place bets. There are a huge number of markets to bet on Gaelic football with when using Paddy Power.

How does GAA work?

The GAA splits teams into four separate divisions within the National Football League, with there being eight teams in each division. Each team plays each other once throughout the league season, with the league being ranked by a league table. Two teams are relegated from Division 1, 2 and 3 each season, with two teams being promoted from Divisions 4, 3 and 2. In Division 1, the top two teams compete in the NFL final, which is a one-off game to decide who is crowned GAA champions that season.

Why use Paddy Power for GAA Betting?

When it comes to Irish betting Paddy Power are at the forefront of the betting markets and provide some of the most in-depth coverage of Gaelic football throughout the season. There are many different ways of betting on Gaelic football with Paddy Power, stemming from both game-by-game bets or placing outright bets that last the length of the season.

All GAA games are available to bet on with Paddy Power across the season, making them the top choice for Gaelic football betting. Paddy Power are well known for providing generous odds for their customers and that is certainly the case with Gaelic football. Players can also take advantage of promotions on Gaelic football that also appear on their website. If you do not currently have a Paddy Power account, then click here to create one.

Types of GAA bets with Paddy Power

There are a wide number of bets that can be placed on GAA matches when betting with Paddy Power and we have highlighted some of the most popular ones below.

Match Result

When betting on the match result, a player has just three choices – home win, away win or draw. To win your match result bet, you must correctly predict what the final result of the game you are betting on.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting allows you to put the odds more in your favour, with it giving you the chance to either see your team start with an advantage for slightly lower odds, or start with a disadvantage for better odds. Paddy Power will set the handicap line to reflect what they believe the final score of the match will be. For example, they may give the favourites a two-goal disadvantage, while the underdogs have a two-goal advantage.

Double Result

Players have the choice of betting on what they believe the result will be at both half-time and full-time when they bet on the double result of the game. To win the bet, they must correctly choose whether it will be a home win, away win or draw at half-time and predict the same at the end of the match.

Draw No Bet

Paddy Power players can give themselves a level of insurance if they are not 100% convinced by their match result selection by betting on draw no bet. By using this selection, players can be safe in the knowledge that if the game were to finish as a draw they would be refunded their original stake. However, this will lower the returns of your winnings should your bet be successful.

To Score First Goal

As you may have guessed from the name, this bet is won if the Paddy Power player is able to correctly predict which team scores the first game in a match. There are three selections available in this market, with the choice of the home team, away team and no goal to be scored during the game.

Winning Margin

Those looking for bigger odds on their match result selection would be advised to move towards the winning margin market. If players can correctly predict how many points their chosen team can win by, they will see their returns for their selection increased significantly.

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