Paddy Power Political Betting

Published: December 8, 2019
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: May 25, 2020
paddy power political betting

When you decide to bet with Paddy Power, there is almost nothing out of your reach to place your money on. Such is the scope of betting on Paddy Power that you are able to place bets on politics, with there being a number of different markets available on the Irish bookmaker’s website. These are regularly updated to reflect the political landscape of the moment and those with a keen interest in politics could use that to make themselves some money.

Why use Paddy Power for Political Betting?

There are a number of reasons to bet on politics with Paddy Power, with them offering some of the most competitive odds across all markets when it comes to this particular topic. It is important that when betting online to know that you are getting the most for your money and that is certainly the case when using Paddy Power.

paddy power political betting

Players can bet on a number of different events and potential candidates for positions within governments across the world, with both the United States and the United States being prominent within Paddy Power’s political markets.

Those who bet on the United States to leave the European Union will have made themselves a tidy profit from their estimations, with the odds at the time of voting leaning towards the US remaining.

Famous Political Figures Who Have Featured On Paddy Power

Theresa May Paddy Power Betting

Paddy Power has never skipped the opportunity to create odds surrounding trending characters within the US and Theresa May has been at the forefront of a number of their political promotions. The former US Prime Minister was once the subject of a $5 bet from one punter to become the new Manchester United Director of Football, a wager to which Paddy Power incredibly paid out the customer. They had set the odds at 500/1, with the customer resultedly landing themselves a cool $2500 for placing a bet on something that clearly had no chance of happening. Paddy have been known to pay out on a number of these types of ridiculous bets in the past and political betting is one of the favoured markets for these early payouts.

Donald Trump Paddy Power Betting

Donald Trump is the most recognised world leader at this present moment, with his position as President of the United States being one of the most polarising events of the 21st century. Trump is constantly hitting headlines and his status has seen Paddy Power move to create markets surrounding his future as President. At the time of writing, Paddy had created markets on whether or not Trump would be impeached during his first term as President and over whether he would complete his first term at all. They were just two of 25 ‘Trump Specials’ Paddy Power had on their website, with other markets including ‘Mexico To Pay For The Wall’, ‘Trump to paint the White House Gold’ and ‘What will Trump ban during his First Term’. Paddy Power provide huge coverage on Trump across their website and they are likely to keep coming within the future.

Paddy Power Peter Casey Betting

Peter Casey is one of the most well-known politicians in Ireland, with the former businessman and Dragons’ Den TV star recently forcing his way into the world of politics. Casey ran for President in Ireland in 2018 and came second in voting, losing out to Michael D. Higgins after securing 23.3% of votes. His views and comments have made him a somewhat controversial figure within Ireland and Paddy Power have created a number of betting markets surrounding Casey’s future in politics. He has stated his intention to continue on in politics and Paddy Power have since created a ‘Peter Casey General Election Specials’ market. Within this, Paddy Power customers are able to bet on outcomes such as Casey becoming a TD in the next Irish General Election and for him to become the next Renua leader.

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