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When it comes to the world of gambling, no other company can rival Paddy Power for the success of their adverts and marketing campaigns. The Irish bookmaker is renowned for their light-hearted view on the world of sport and often like to poke fun at any misdemeanours that take place.

This is translated onto their social media platforms, with Paddy Power being one of the most followed bookmaker accounts on Twitter. It has certainly helped the company gain it’s loyal following today and those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t have a Paddy Power account can create one here.

Paddy Power have made their name with TV adverts on UFC, Champion Leagues and so many more options that Paddy Power has made, even offering Prince Harry a place on an advert.

Paddy Power Rhodri Giggs

One of the most jaw-dropping Paddy Power adverts there has been in recent times came with a very unlikely star of the show. Usually, you will see footballers become stars of adverts on television, not their brothers, but Paddy Power really pushed the boundaries with this highly controversial ad that starred Ryan Giggs’ brother, Rhodri.

Rhodri became the face of Paddy Power’s new loyalty scheme – poking fun at brother Ryan in doing so, with many references included throughout the advert to Ryan’s affair with Rhodri’s wife, Natasha Lever.

The loyalty scheme came with the headline ‘Loyalty’s dead. Live for rewards.’ while the advert featured a scene in which Rhodri bemoans a Wales defeat whilst stating that ‘questions will be asked of the manager’.

It was a fine example of the way in which Paddy Power are willing to push the boundaries in order to get their company’s name and promotions out to the general public.

Eric Cantona Paddy Power

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has also featured on Paddy Power adverts in the past, with the enigmatic Frenchman’s advert being linked to the political climate in the United States.

Cantona’s ad sees him roast a number of Britain’s most notorious politicians including Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Cameron, with Paddy Power and Cantona creating a ‘Brexit bunker’ to distract people from the drama of Brexit.

Paddy Power used Cantona’s position as one of the greatest Premier League imports from Europe to promote the offer, which gave players the opportunity to win a two-night stay in the Brexit bunker in Portsmouth.

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