Penny Slots Sites – Slot Games That You Can Play For A Penny

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Despite earning their reputation back in the United States during the 50s and 60s, Penny Slots are becoming increasingly popular across the rest of the globe in recent years and continue to attract customers as they go against the idea that gambling has to be expensive. One of the main reasons why video slots in general are so popular in the gaming industry is because of the vast range that they come in, which help cater to an incredibly large amount of players and Penny Slots just add to the variety. Despite what the name suggests, Penny Slots usually require players to wager a penny per line, which in turn may lead to a total bet of $1 – which is still very respectable.

Like normal video slots, Penny Slots come in various different styles, sizes and designs so you can be sure to find one that is perfect for you. While Penny Slots may not contain the largest of prizes and jackpots, they do offer a lot of fun which is never a bad thing.

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Penny Slots vs High Stake Slots

It is an ever-lasting debate that high stake slot games offer a better percentage of returns than slots that offer lower stakes – this of course is worked out as an average over time. To keep their house edge, online casinos will have to offer a lower RTP (Return To Player) on penny slots to make it worthwhile for them. However, the majority of online slots, penny slots included, offer an RTP figure that is greater than 90%.

Penny Slot Bonus Features

Like any other video slot, penny slots offer their very own bonus features which is a huge plus for players, as bonus rounds/features are incredibly important. The most common found bonus feature when dealing with penny slots tends to be free spins or otherwise known as free games. These bonus rounds are pretty self-explanatory in that once triggered they will award free spins, which is usually determined by the amount of scatter symbols landed. Other bonus features found in penny slots include wilds, multipliers and avalanche features.

Penny Slot Bonus Games

If you hadn’t already noticed, there is very little difference between penny slots and standard video slots apart from of course the penny-sized stakes. Another feature that you can find in both types of video slots are the available bonus games which usually come in two varieties – a ‘pick me’ bonus and a ‘second screen’ bonus. A pick me bonus refers to those bonus games that require players to pick certain items from a selection to reveal their prizes. A second screen bonus, on the other hand, refers to when you are taken to another screen where the bonus game takes place. These bonus games can vary in a number of ways, giving developers a huge amount of creativity when designing them, so expect to various types of second-screen bonus games.

Penny Slots Pros & Cons


  • Cheap to play
  • Jackpots available
  • Smaller risk in playing


  • Lower jackpot values
  • Lower RTP

Our Top Penny Slot Picks

Below we have comprised a short list of some of our favourite penny slots that are currently available across the internet.

Mega Moolah

The first penny slot to make the list is Mega Moolah from Microgaming, which is a favourite amongst players across the country due to its unusual by exciting four progressive jackpots. Asides from the four jackpots, Mega Moolah is a great looking slot that offers exciting gameplay with every spin.

You can find some great Grosvenor Casino promo codes for Mega Moolah gameplay as well as a whole library of penny slots such as Mega Moolah.

Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers is a video slot from the very prestigious slot developers NetEnt, so already you know this going to be an online slot that is of the highest quality. Along with an RTP figure of 96.40%, Boom Brothers is packed full of bonus features including free spin bonuses, multipliers and scatters.