Piggy Pirates Slot Review – RTP, Features & Bonuses

If someone would have told me a while ago that three little pigs could make me 2000x times richer, I would have said they had too much to drink last night. Alas, this is not some drunkard’s disillusion, but a new, exciting online slot from Red Tiger Gaming, makers of the excellent God of Wealth Slot. that promises that the Piggy Pirates will plunder for you and will bring you the capture, only if you are lucky enough to get enough themed symbols. Keep reading to see what the three little piggies have in store for you in this fantastic slot!

About Piggy Pirates Slot Game

This slot machine game has a magnificent bonus feature that promises unlimited free spins if landed. Yes. You heard that right. Double this down with the catching graphics, fitting soundtrack and overall smooth and enjoyable gameplay in the base game, and you just found a replacement for Angry Birds that you will find a lot more alluring.

This slot game is just as fun as they get. After all, the three little pigs decided they were not so helpless and sold their houses so they could buy a pirate ship. They are doing their pirate thing, searching for the treasure chest, and plundering on their way, but it seems like they did not get rid of the big bad wolf pirate. He’s coming to ruin their fun with a bomb, so you better watch out for him to protect the piggies and, of course, your potential payouts.

This reel slot has a lot to offer, not only in the way of the visuals, which we are already accustomed to with every release from Red Tiger Gaming. This is a 6 reel game in which you will discover 40 fixed paylines. With every single spin, you can win up to $80,000! The piggies are doing a lot better as pirates.

In terms of bonus symbols, we have a couple of options – mostly wild symbols and the piggy bonus feature that we will talk more about below because I’m sure you will want to hear about this.

The graphics are cartoonish and just stunning. As soon as you press play, you are brought at sea, between the two pirate ships sailing about towards a distant island. The reel case is transparent, and the symbols are carefully designed, too traditional. The soundtrack is just really fitting; an accordion is playing maritime tunes that are only interrupted by Albatros squeaks and the sounds of you making bank.

How To Play Piggy Pirates Slots Online

Piggy Pirates Slot Review - RTP, Features & Bonuses

While getting lost at sea is pretty easy, you will not get lost while navigating this casino game. The golden spin button is nestled to the right, just waiting to bring you 2,000x your total stake with every single spin. You will find the Turbo button next to it that lets you accelerate the gameplay. To the left, you will find the Stake option, where you can adjust your total stake for the round. There is also an autoplay option to the left, which you can use to set up your total stake and maximum loss level and let the piggies party on their own for a while.

Interactive Features

The jackpot of this casino game is not progressive, but you will not care when you hear about the other extra chances you have at decent wins while on high seas.

The piggy bonus will bring you unlimited free spins where you can keep your plundering until the final free spin.  The three piggies scatter symbols are the key to unlocking this exciting feature. A piggy will appear on the reels, and you can continue spinning. With every spin, another one might come to keep company with its friend, but the pigs on the reels will also move one reel to the left or right. If a piggy falls out of the bounds of the reels, he will become a snack for the sharks that await below.

Once in a while, a piggy will fall asleep and will not change its position on the reels for one or two spins. This is your extra chance to land those three piggies and get a slice of that Unlimited Free Spins Pie action. During this time, an unlimited number of gold coins – which double as wild symbols – you landed will be kept. For the last final spin, those will return to the reels. The more wild symbols you collected, the bigger the chance of you hitting that jackpot. To get that 2000x jackpot, you will need to collect 24 gold coins.

Let’s look at the other symbol, apart from the golden wilds. The lower value symbols are the classic card symbols, carefully designed to look like jewels. 6 of any of these on the paylines will let you 60x your original bet. The higher value symbols are as follows: 6 of the treasure chest symbols will get you 600x. This is the case for the bag of coins and the message bottle. Afterwards, you get a 320x for the treasure map symbol and a 180x for the anchor.

What symbol triggers Piggy Pirates Bonus Free Spins?

The piggy bank symbols will appear falling out of their ships onto the reels and get you a chance at that sweet bonus round. As mentioned above, all three piggies aligned on the reels will trigger the bonus feature, in which you will get unlimited free spins where you can collect the wilds. 24 wild coin symbols will get you the 2000x jackpot in the bonus round. The bonus games usually last from 10-15 spins.

Paylines and stakes

The minimum bet to play on the 40 fixed paylines is $0.20, which goes as far as $40. This makes for an exciting and permissive game among slots games for the casual player and the occasional high roller. Combined with the gameplay and graphics, this casino slot appeals to a vast audience. As with the folk tale, you will fall in love with the piggy pirates fast.

Piggy Pirates Slot Game Software

In terms of software, it is not surprising that this is a masterpiece. Red Tiger Gaming never fails to deliver visually enchanting slots, the gameplay is smooth, and it works across all devices, so you have a chance at getting that real money even on the go. This studio is well known for a plethora of exciting games, one of which you might remember from a previous review – the NInja Ways slot, which is still my favourite.

What is Piggy Pirates Slot RTP?

The RTP (return to player) rate for this one stands at a satisfactory 96.06%. This is not outstanding, but not a surprise since most video slots provided by Red Tiger Gaming swim around that number. Combined with the medium variance, I feel like this is a great option when you want to rewind with online gambling a bit. The thrill is there, as you always have the chance to get those outstanding prizes, but you will not be thrown overboard too soon.

Piggy Pirates is a ‘Bomb’ focussed game that relates similarly to Arcade Bomb Slot, with both having a decent RTP and some pretty good features; you’ll find both are great in terms of RTP figures. Another game to check out would be Winter Wonders Slot which provides you with all the great features you’d expect from a Red Tiger game.


This new take on a fairy tale will probably need to be enjoyed on full screen. The graphics are adorable and a pleasure to watch, the music is excellent and does a good job at creating an immersive sea feeling, and the pirate theme makes this Red Tiger Slot something to watch. I feel that the added feature of the unlimited free spins and the potential to turn pretty big bets into 2000x make this themed slot game into one with maximum win potential. I would say this casino review is mostly positive.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this game, although I recognise it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, chasing treasure maps might mean something a tad more elegant for some players. The theme, exciting bonuses and the minimum spin bet might attract a lot more people to this slot, players who might not know a lot about slot games or that are not all that attracted to this genre, and I think that was the main idea behind this Red Tiger Slot.

After all, the more seasoned or the more serious players have a wide range of other related slots they can enjoy if they prefer a more mature game interface.

If you are in the mood for a true reel heist, you are cordially invited to press that spin button for your chance at unlimited spins and their respective golden spin winnings.