VIP Betting Sites

Betting online is used by many as a way of unwinding and having fun in their spare time, but what is available for those who want to take their gambling a little more seriously? That is where our list of VIP betting sites comes into play, which give players the chance to be rewarded for their loyalty when playing online and win bigger prizes. There are a number of betting sites that have VIP sections on their website, with it becoming an increasingly regular feature to see from the majority of bookmakers and casinos.

What is VIP Betting?

Players that gamble a lot online would be advised to enroll in the VIP club/VIP loyalty program that is available on many different bookmakers and casino sites. Being a VIP player can unlock your access to a world of features and possibilities, giving you further opportunities to win big when you play as a VIP customer. Regular features you can expect to see when you are a VIP player online include:

VIP Bonuses

One of the main reasons for becoming a member of a VIP club is to access the exclusive VIP bonuses that come with them. Players should always be rewarded when they play regularly with a particular casino or bookmaker and that is certainly the case when you are a VIP member. Here, you will get access to regular bonuses, the sum of which will be greater than what regular casino players will receive when they sign up to any existing customer promotions that are live on site.

Exclusive Games and Events

VIP players will also often have the chance to play exclusive games through their VIP loyalty programs. These aren’t as common of a feature as some others on VIP betting sites, but one that is still available nonetheless. As well as this, many casinos also offer their VIP players the opportunity to attend real-life events as a thank you for being part of their most loyal customer base.

Cashback Deals

Cashback deals are pretty common within VIP clubs, giving players the opportunity to come good on any of their losses. The percentage of the cashback that you are eligible for as a VIP player is greater than that of players who are just regular customers with their bookmakers, ensuring you’ve got a greater chance of bouncing back from an unfortunate day. It is another sign of how VIP players are really looked out for by their bookmaker, including high stakes betting sites.

Personal Account Manager

If there is an issue with your account as a regular player, it could take some time for you to have your issue resolved. However, VIP players needn’t worry about that thanks to the 24/7 customer support that they will receive from their dedicated account manager. Most VIP betting sites will provide their players with a personal account manager who will oversee their time with the casino, ensuring that they are available at the click of a button to help if anything was to go wrong or if assistance was needed.

No Fees

Many VIP betting sites will also reward their VIP players with no fees placed on their transactions. Using certain payment methods will see players deposits and withdrawals sometimes sanctioned alongside a small payment fee, but this usually isn’t the case for VIP players. As such, all of the money that you are depositing/withdrawing from your account is going exactly where you want it to and not into the hands of any middle men.

Faster Withdrawals

Using certain payment methods as a regular player with a casino can also see players be struck with a prolonged waiting time on their withdrawals. Players can sometimes be forced to wait for up to 48 hours for the money to be processed and to be greeted with their winnings, but VIP players do not have the same hassle. VIP betting sites place their VIP players’ transactions as a high priority, ensuring that money is transferred between your casino account and personal bank account in the least amount of time possible.

VIP Sports Betting

There is also the option to enrol into VIP play as a sports betting customer, too. Being a VIP sports betting customer allows players to be rewarded further for their custom and get exclusive access to many of the above features and bonuses. The difference with being a sports VIP betting customer is that you will be placing all of your qualifying bets as per the entry requirements on sportsbook markets, rather than doing so through your casino play. The benefits that come with being a sports VIP customer are just as fruitful as that of a casino player and those who regularly partake in sports betting should certainly consider enrolling within a VIP betting site online.