For a large amount of punters in the US, virtual football has now become a highly common betting option. If you start to wonder about all the fuss and think you’d like to start experimenting with virtual betting yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re not only going to rank the top 5 bookmakers for virtual football, but we’re going to also go over the benefits and disadvantages of virtual betting, inform you what you can expect to discover at the top betting sites as far as fixtures, match kinds and odds levels go, and also go over some significant points that we believe every pointer should consider before you start.

What is Virtual Betting on Football?

Virtual soccer games are a much smaller version of true soccer games produced electronically. It is very similar to a FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer game, but it is determined by an unbiased computer algorithm rather than by the player determining the result. Instead of going into a true casino and betting on a roulette wheel or sitting down at a blackjack table, gamblers can go online and bet on casino games simulators right from the comfort of their own home–the same principle goes here. Virtual football enables you to bet on a football emulator with computer-generated odds and outcomes instead of wagering on a real football game with true teams and players.

The quality of virtual football has been somewhat dubious in years gone by, but with more and more betting sites investing significant time and money to enhance their service, a lot of virtual football betting can now boast state-of-the-art graphics, live commentary, and countless betting markets and various leagues to choose from.