Wild Wild Chest Slot Review

Published: April 15, 2021
Author: lena
Last Updated: December 10, 2021

How’dy partner and welcome to the promised land of the Wild West! Saddle your horse and put on your cowboy boots, because we are going to take a ride through the great dessert plains of America, where bounty is plentiful, the golden landscapes are amazing, and women are beautiful and tough. Be it if your younger and a great fan of WestWorld, or a old-school fan of old Westerns, this game blends in the new with the old perfectly, so read on to learn all about this game’s slot thrills! 

About Wild Wild Chest Slot Game

The game is set in a golden landscape, very true to its theme, and the layout is filled with lucky charms and symbols, such as golden nuggets and bars, golden horseshoes, a empty wanted poster and of course moonshine bottles. The music is simple but straightforward, and it takes you instantly in the world of outlaws. 

The Wild West is renowned for its lack of rules and order, putting the serifs on their toes, and outlaws on a spree. With this 5 reel on 3 rows game, with a whopping 20 paylines, you might catch the golden rush, and go on a winning spree of your own.

How to Play Wild Wild Chest Slots Online

Once you have your lasso ready, your hat is on the proper way, and you’ve said your ,,How’dy”s to everyone, you can first decide what your denomination or stake is going to be. You can bet from 20 pence, up to a whopping 60 pounds per spin! 

You can either click per spin, or set the game up with the Autoplay function, which relieves your hands, so that all you have to do is pay attention to when those massive gains are coming, and just be there to collect! Also, you can make those reels spin faster, by using the fast-forward button! Yee-haw!

Interactive Features

Wild Wild Chest isn’t just a smart play on words, what I love about it, is that it’s gold bonus is not one of those overly complicated bonus features, because all you want to do, is have a little fun, and makes some money. No hexagonal honeycomb symbols or wild swarm bonus, none of that overly complicated stuff!

No, its toughest feature is the golden Chest bonus!

Randomly a golden chest appears, holding within an extraordinary array of bonuses. You will have to click on it, to receive your bounty. You can either win a Lucky Re-spin, which is self-explanatory, Random Tiles, which is going to shoot a type of symbol, filling your screen with them, Reel Swap where randomly one or some of your reels are going to swap with each other, or the motherlode – Instant Win – which can go up to 1500x!!

Bonus Free Spins

Of course Bonus Free Spins are a part of this game, and a big one if I may say so! You will need the help of the county sheriffs, by collecting 3 sheriff badges, on reels 1-3-5, and you will be awarded those tasty Free Spins, but also be on the lookout for those Wild Girls symbols, for even bigger wins, and thus gaining that hard-fought bonus!

Paylines and Stakes

In this 5-reel slot, with 3 slots, the lowest value symbols are exactly what you expect: the poker symbols. From 10 to A, these will fill your screen, and you will want them to align, so that at least 1 of the 20 paylines will be successful. Enter the higher paying symbols: the symbols of the West! Starting with cowboy gloves and a lasso, boots and cowboy hats, you will bless the golden sky when you take on wins with these symbol formations. The shinning jewel in the crown, is the golden handle pistols symbols, ornate with a golden ring. If you have 5 of these babies in any winning combination, you will be awarded with 350x of your bet! Now that sounds pretty fun partner, doesn’t it? 

Wild Wild Chest Slot Game Software

This highly pleasurable game is developed by none other than Red Tiger Gaming, who are known to put a lot of effort into the details of their games, and have always served the player, by always making top notch developments. This giant is known for game offering players with an array products of different styles, themes and volatilities. The app never lags or crashes, and also works perfectly on any kind of mobile devices, be it Android, Microsoft or Apple.

What is Wild Wild Chest Slots RTP?

The RTP of Wild Wild Chest is 95.07%. This stand for return to player rate, and it means that for every 100$ you bet, you will get 95.07$ back. Any RTP above 95% is considered pretty high, which means that you can expect a lot of free spins symbols, wild icons, and many more!


Wild Wild Chest is a tasty spin on the tried and true classic Western-themed genre, offering loads of prizes, bonus symbols, and in my opinion, keeps a player happy by simply being extremely entertaining and alive. 

So get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!